Special Needs Children

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Keeps Me Clean understands the struggles and difficulties experienced by caregivers and parents of developmentally delayed children who exhibit these behaviors:





As parents we have experienced the exasperation of dealing with these behaviors and how it can cause so much stress. When we designed our patent-pending garment, we wanted to make sure that we could help solve this problem for even the most tenacious child, all while maintaining their dignity.

As parents who have looked for solutions to these problems we are faced with two uncomfortable options:
1.  To utilize a product that immediately identifies your child as “different.”
2.  To deal with the behavior without assistance.

There were only two options, until now.

Whether it is for a month or a year, Keeps Me Clean can help you as the parent or caregiver to daily handle the challenges of raising your child without worrying about having to deal with the added ‘mess’.


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